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SRILANKA TOURISM INDUSTRY & COVID 19 introduction as bellows. The global pandemic of the novel Corona has not only brought entire socio-economic structures to a standstill. But has challenged the globalization and global operations of enterprises. Paradoxically, potential repercussions and alternative way outs are yet volatile. However, for a speedy recovery and regain of the economy, employment and business functions a sustainable. Sri Lanka tourism industry & COVID 19 Fresh beginning is necessary for most of the worsened economic sectors. Conventionally, An infection used to attacks the vulnerable groups. With food, health care insecurity in their lifestyle and they normally used the poor of the society. Ironically, the novel Corona infection first attack the international travelers. And the pandemic has caused through the travel and thus has confronted mainly the affluent social class globally.

Since, tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries globally; it has expected to play a significant role in regaining the socio-economic stability after Covid 19 pandemic. It is a key contributor to the Island economies. And one of the most important industries that generates much needed foreign currency in Sri Lankan economy. Long suffered tourism industry of the Island was last hit tough by the Easter bomb blasts. It took place at several places including luxury hotels in the country.


Tourism is at halt in the country with the threat of finding. The first Sri Lankan national tested positive for COVID-19 who was a local patient on 10th March, 2020. The victim was again a tourism stakeholder, a 52-year-old tour guide working with a group of Italian tourists. It is beginning today date is 05th  February,2021. Now we have 68938 cases and 351 deaths but good news is 63401 patents have safe.

The travel and tourism is the third largest foreign exchange earner in the country. It has totally collapsed with the fear of travelling and the need of maintaining the social distancing. The tourism industry is an networked with many other sectors in the economy . Including hotel, community level operations, education, financial, agriculture, medical, travel and transportation, construction, real estate, retail, and vice versa.

Major part of Economy

Due to the heavy toll of tourism in the country‘s economy, it is important to study how the reliance of the industry might shape the recovery of its main sub sectors once the pandemic subsides. The indirect impact in this context on travel and tourism industry cannot measure easily and definitely is a significant loss in short term as well as long term. Since, Sri Lanka is a country that heavily depending on the service sector the tourism industry plays a major role for the countries development. In the Last year it the Contribution of travel and tourism to GDP as a share of GDP is 12.5% and the

Contribution of travel and tourism to GDP growth rate is 11.4%. Hence it is clear that the tourism industry is helping the countries development massively. Therefore, protecting this industry would be a huge investment on the countries future development prospects. Therefore, we need to protect all the service providers of the tourism sector if we need to focus on the future development of Sri Lanka through tourism sector.

No doubt it has affected mostly ??

There is no doubt, that this pandemic situation has brought a lot of negative impacts to the Sri Lanka Tourism, hotel sector. Sri Lankan tourism industry was gradually recovering after the 2019 April Easter attacks. Further, Sri Lanka was a country that eradicated 30 years long civil-war in 2009. Thus, it is critical to improve the country‘s preparedness for public safety as well as to take necessary precautions to face these types of unexpected risks/challenges. Therefore.  it is important to spread positive news through news channels and social media platforms to aware of the potential tourists. Maintaining international advertising campaigns are also a crucial point in marketing and promoting the Sri Lankan tourism and hospitality industry.

  The report shows from January to November in 2020, 228434 tourists are arrivals but the month of December arrival only 393 tourists because of covid 19. those results are effecting century development, therefore, we should try to evade this problem perfectly.

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