Devol Rath Banana Plant

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Devol Rath Banana Plant


Devol Rath Banana Plant , This is Devol Banana …. Devol Rath Kehel
Devol Heat Bananas are one of the world’s oldest bananas, which ripen naturally and do not grow as tall as other bananas. This banana tree is about three to four feet high and three to four inches in circumference. A tree sprouts upwards. A banana face does not bend down when pressed. Grows upwards. Deer leaves open with large clusters of flowers at the end of the fruit. It takes about a month for a mature banana tree to ripen after flowering. The face disappears once Avery is finished. When the fruits grow, they turn red. Its apricot kernels. Like a banana. When ripe, it has a pleasant aroma and a very sweet taste.

The apricot is seeded and cannot be eaten. Putting ripe banana apricots in a bowl filled with water and crushing it and drinking it gives a sweet taste to the tongue and a great medicinal value to the body. This medicinal drink and plantain mouth are also a cure for diabetes. There is an old belief that if a person can offer a bunch of bananas to God, the family, including the person making the offering, will be blessed and protected by God. Rath bananas or red kochchi have to be placed in banana offerings due to the difficulty of finding this type of banana

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