CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting

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CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting


CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting online (Domestic use of provision plants)

CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting Tips and tutorials on home gardening have published on YouTube, Facebook and garden web sites etc. People showcasing their small-time cultivation efforts to the world. Ahead of the lock down and uncertain about how long it would last, residents stocked up on food items with a long shelf life. That meant plenty of dry rations, but no vegetables or fruit, which, along with rice, were subject to distribution bottlenecks as a result of quarantine controls between different districts. That led people to the quick realization of the practical value in growing their own produce. And with people confined to their homes, with no outdoor activity possible, there was solace in growing their own plants


Why Home gardening so important??

  • CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting Home gardening brings the family together. Planting around the rush house brings extra happiness to everyone who lives in the compact home.
  • Home gardening has boomed in Sri Lanka as residents under lock-down look to grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • The government, which has championed home gardening in the past, launched a program to support a million home gardens by issuing 2 million seed packs.Offering technical advice to the public to undertake home gardening.
  • With the country now easing out of lock-down, the government says it will take some prodding to keep people interested in home gardening, including by emphasizing the benefits of growing food at home instead of importing it from abroad.
  • While the main benefit of home gardens is to ensure people are food secure at the individual and family level, gardening is also a useful stress buster that supports outdoor family time

Sri Lankan pandemic update

Sri Lanka eased its nationwide lock down that was imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. That sparked a buying rush for essential goods, primarily food. But another type of commodity was also high on shoppers’ lists: organic fertilizers, seeds, and clay pots. Demand was so strong that people lined up in queues with little regard for physical distancing guidelines as they sought out home gardening essentials(CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting)

Goods have become scarce since the lock-down on March 16, with food supplies from the northwest and central parts of the island suspended to contain the spread of COVID-19. With a shortage of rice and vegetables looming as part of the “new normal,” there has been a heightened interest in home gardening among even urban Sri Lankan. Banana also a good plant that we can easily plant at home during pandemic time. At right now 26.12.2020 Sri Lanka has declared NEW NORMAL which can be explained living with CORONA(COVID-19). For more information click here.


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