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Download Ricky and Morty

Rick and Morty is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon for Cartoon Network. that animated cartoon series belong to space and time-travelling adventure. rick handson and his grandson Morty smith are the main characters of that series. with their relationship are mere personal because everything is going dark and irritated. rich and Morty jump up the crazy alien planet using their flying car and their comedy parties rick science project and Morty foolish activities. Morty family includes dad jery mam bath and sister summer also et pull in into the act from time to time and they have given some fun time to time.


rick is an alcoholic scientist and he has a flying car. but he is a very smart guy and he is trying to do a wired science project and he is not a nice gay and every time he is going to drank .but rick contribution is very funny


14 years old Morty isn’t practical and he hasn’t idea for anything and he is another side of rick as I think Morty is very foolish gay

specially rick and Morty are rial comparison to other cartoon series and Justin Roiland, Chris Parnell, spencer grammar, Sarah shake such as popular voice actors given voice act for the rick and Morty cartoon series. their music choices are a little bit dark music and electronic music. as well as that carton series using very dark comedy and dealing with murder-suicide but it is a very funny show. simply rick and Morty world wild popular wonderfully weird and realise animated comedy.


rick & morty
LJustin Roiland and Dan Harmon

EXECUTIVE PRADUCERS: Dan Harmon, Justing Roiland, James A. Fino,jue Russo, mike mack hum

PRADUCERS: J. Michael Mendel, Kenny Micka

Season 5 Realised Date

season 4 is end May 31 on 2020 but still not released confirmation news about season 5 because of the pandemic situation but in November 2021 they try to telecast season 5

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