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da Vinci's demons

Da Vinci’s Demons

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Da Vinci’s demons Historical fantasy Drama Created by using fictional Account of Liyanado Davinci

There is no better statement to introduce him. He is so | Incomparable! Unmatched! To the meteor! Versatile! He is revered in the world as the greatest sage who ever lived on this earth. He deserves it. Reasons; He is not only the greatest Sira ever but also the most humble man who ever lived. Because! ” Both the Mona Lisa / Last Supper sim. To immortalize his name. But he did not stop there. Their scope is too vast for a human being in this world. And his concepts are very special. That is why he is still considered to be the greatest genius the world has ever known.

da Vinci’s demons story

He is Leonardo da Vinci. Born in the twentieth village of what is now Italy, this invincible man was a man many centuries ahead of his time. One of the most talented artists in the world. One of his creations is the Mona Lisa, which remains a mystery to scientists to this day. There is no other work of art that has led to as much scientific research as creation. A recent study revealed that Da Vinci used nanoparticles to create this image. What ?? Nano molecules? How did he do that? Nanotechnology is the technology of the modern world! Aaron is still in its infancy! Then his | How did this man come to use technologies that have been around for hundreds of years? Is it just their own skill? Or was he motivated by some other external force? Hundreds of years after his death, how did his brain become so sharp as to keep track of new inventions?

You may be aware that he has taken notes on those concepts of his own; Maybe you don’t know. But he is among his notes; The first helicopter model, the tank model, the machine gun model, the solar concept, the calculator model, the parabolic compass model, the artillery model were all recorded. Not only that, the structure of the parachute / the structure of the Wanamaya Chandrawanka bridge / the model of the Jawarodaya were drawn. Not only that but also a device that allows people to walk on water Mentioned among his notes.

He was the first to conduct an in-depth scientific study of human anatomy. Among his notes were studied notes on how a baby is located in the womb / how the organs of the human body are formed. Human skull | He examined the morphology of the limbs in a study of anatomy. In addition, he conducted comparative studies between animals and humans. He explored the facts of geology and came up with the basic idea of ​​the concept of Continental Lavinia. Not only grassroots / cartography / aerodynamics / astronomy / aesthetics / geometry / mechanics /mechanics / aeronautics / music but also the perspective which is a basic and essential use of cinema today

He also studied perspective. You all know | The most famous creation, the Guardian, was seen in the movie Da Vinci Code! It is also his own creation.

How did he excel in so many different fields that he is still widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable people in the world? How did he get so much knowledge? How did the church carry out its new creation in the face of intense, cruel pressure? What is so special about a walking man? Where did he get the ability to be so many ages ahead of his time? How did he become such an extraordinary, unbelievable and vast storehouse of knowledge that the world is amazing? Is it the influence of some invisible force, as some say? What could that force be? Is that God? Demons? Alien creatures? Or his own brain, which has a higher capacity than other humans?

We decided to bring you this TV drama series which was telecast on STARZ on the 12th of this month in Sinhala, not to mention that a story about such a man is intriguing, intriguing and fascinating. Also worth mentioning is the creator of this series! Dark Knight-Trilogy / Blade-Trilogy / Ghost Rider-2 / The Unborn / Jumper His handwritten ones. Also, Man of Steel and the currently being redesigned Godzilla 601) DC 56csotostot 205 210 8. The Unborn / The Invisible / Blade: Trinity

Those guided by his hand. These series are his directing work! | As you can see from the description, you do not need any more tips.


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