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History Of Dogecoin

before coming to dogecoin in 2013 is the dark year of cryptocurrency. exchange is up and down thousand of bitcoin lost daily, those days anyone has a basic knowledge of C++ they can create cryptocurrency therefor market f cryptocurrency going to up and down because of when that time people thinking crypto isn’t a good investment therefor cryptocurrency going to a dark age. but that dark time coming new coin its name is dogecoin. that introduce on 6th December 2013 that coin so special because of that coin icon base in just a mem it created by billy Markus and Jackson palmar

Doge introduce inflation according to that concept in put 6 billion new coins into the market per year therefor people worthing about dogecoin is a good coin investment or not, that bitcoin and doge increased their crypto market worldwide and they become a news headline

the success of doge they open doge centre in New York City and they organized a large party and they sponge and given money Nascar driver his name is josh wise for these reasons doge was able to get some popularity and people think dogecoin going to the moon. doge selected algorithm same as an algorithm in lite coin there for dogecoin become some challenge of the lite coin. but doge can’t beat lite coin. there for that reason 10th September 2014 they change the algorithm and they became a marge mine coin there for more security of doge

billy Markus

doge founder billy marker

Billy marker is software engineer of IBM that person was able to create Dogecoin base one mem

it went from a silly jock to something worth some thing to pepol very quikly.and a community was devoloping fast with lost of shady people and lots of new pepol, quikely putting up services and instructre aroound it”.

Dogecoin Price Change (2013-2021)


on 6 December 2013 Doge price is 0.00026 and after 72hurse doge coin price rise 0.00095 and end of 2014 their price is 0.00335 and 2015,2016 doge price going to the same price it is 0.003 but 2017 they achieve 0.004 targets and in 2018 the achieve 0.005 marks and end of 2018 they can achieve 0.015 targets but after 2018 they going down and they putting 0.004 marks again but million musk twite abut Doge therefor doge was able to 0.05 mark and they can go to an all-time high. 28 February 2021 doge price is 0.05 and the market cap is 6.48B$

Dogecoin Price Prediction

Elon musk tweeting but Doge hasn’t a good plan for the future therefore that resonance as I think doge cant reach they expecting 1$ mark until 2025 is not financial advice I am not an expert everything, are indeterminate.


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