Amazing king of Exchange Binance coin (BNB Coin)

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Amazing king of Exchange Binance coin (BNB Coin)

Binance coin
Binance cooin

Binance Coins true under development story founder of the Binance is a Changpeng Zhao as I think that person is genius Changpeng Zhao work with cryptocurrency in many years and he every time says ” I can do that better”. he introduces the Binance coin in June of 2017 and he comes crypto market and the change crypto market he introduces price of Binance coin nearly 0.05$ but in Feb 2021 Binannce Coin(Bnb) price is 330$. Binance top of the crypto exchange they exchange nearly a 31milllion dollar daily. and they introduce modern trading, futures trading, decentralisation exchange and more .and it is the quickest exchanger of the whole crypto market because of that reasons Binance is the king of the exchange

In 2021 early of the year BNB coin is only 37$ but spend only one-month bnb coin goes to an all-time high it is 330$ and bnb confirmed its place on number 3 of the whole crypto market, their market cap is 38,774,991,449$ bitcoin and eutherian only over than bnb. the most special thing is bnb Cong overtaking huge project of Cardano Is I think 2 resonance are effected for the success of bnb coin first one is binance smart chain and the second one is The coin base Effect

Binance smart chain

  • buit for trading
  • used by dex
  • not for app
  • proof of stock
  • eutherian compatible
  • prof of authority
  • supported apps

The coin base effect

that is a blue-chip company and it is a big and huge coin base system. they publish that coin base it becomes a new edge of whole cryptocurrency space.

Depreciation of Binance coin

everyone thinks why Bnb coin Roketly up pass tree weeks butt nowadays Bnb coin going to rocketly down today BNB coin price is only 198$ as I think bitcoin price falling and CODEX exchange competition mainly effect of that.. as well as Binance, gave many functions and facilities but there have some privacy problem but a huge jump of price coming soon there for stay carm.

Risk of BNB

  • becouse of some anleagle exchanges goverments consern about binance.
  • USA government policy’s effect to the Binannce operating
  • hackers stolen coin

Future of BNB

I am not an expert but as I think the end of the year Bnb coin Roocketly going 1000$ because Changpeng Zhao is generous and Binance is the king of the exchange and Binance is the best of the best. this is a not an of financial advice but not sell signal of Bnb coin in that time huge jump coming soon stay clam

Thank you…(jelor)


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