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Celebrating 2021 ( prosperity and fabulous New year to all)

Happy new year to all, best wishes from Bananaanns group and author. Click here

Udawalawa based irrigation system.

Udawalawa irrigation system Udawalawa based irrigation system mainly on Walwe river which is around the walawa Mahaweli area. Walawe river basin Sri Lanka has 103 drainage basins out. Walawe river basin is the largest which intersperses both in the Wet and the Dry Zone and has a catchment area of 2442 km2. The upper part…
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CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting

CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting online (Domestic use of provision plants) CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting Tips and tutorials on home gardening have published on YouTube, Facebook and garden web sites etc. People showcasing their small-time cultivation efforts to the world. Ahead of the lock down and uncertain about how long it would last, residents stocked up…
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Devol Rath Banana Plant

Devol Rath Banana Plant , This is Devol Banana …. Devol Rath KehelDevol Heat Bananas are one of the world’s oldest bananas, which ripen naturally and do not grow as tall as other bananas. This banana tree is about three to four feet high and three to four inches in circumference. A tree sprouts upwards.…
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Cavendish banana

Cavendish bananas are the fruits of one of a number of banana cultivars belonging to the Cavendish subgroup of the AAA banana cultivar group. The same term is also used to describe the plants on which the bananas grow. They include commercially important cultivars like ‘Dwarf Cavendish’ and ‘Grand Nain’     For more information…
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