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Celebrating 2021 ( prosperity and fabulous New year to all)

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The water problem on Dry Zone Sri lanka.

The water problem on Dry Zone Sri lanka. The drier regions have water shortages. Due to the spatially and seasonally unequal distribution of water in Sri Lanka. June, July and August, when rainfall is low. The evaporation is high, are the most troubled months in the Dry Zone. The occurring climate change has resulted in…
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Udawalawa based irrigation system.

Udawalawa irrigation system Udawalawa based irrigation system mainly on Walwe river which is around the walawa Mahaweli area. Walawe river basin Sri Lanka has 103 drainage basins out. Walawe river basin is the largest which intersperses both in the Wet and the Dry Zone and has a catchment area of 2442 km2. The upper part…
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Embilipitiya and Sooriyawewa Banana

Embilipitiya and Sooriyawewa Banana climate Embilipitiya Banana Climate Introduction on Embilipitiya and sooriyawewa banana. Large and gorgeous Town in Sri Lanka Embilipitiya is a town, governed by an urban council, in Ratnapura District, Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka. Population: 58351 (2012 census) Banana is delicious fruit which is also the tropical berry which prospers in the…
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CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting

CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting online (Domestic use of provision plants) CORONA (COVID-19) vs Planting Tips and tutorials on home gardening have published on YouTube, Facebook and garden web sites etc. People showcasing their small-time cultivation efforts to the world. Ahead of the lock down and uncertain about how long it would last, residents stocked up…
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Banana Advertising

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How do banana grow?? Banana plantation

How do banana grow. How do banana grow by Planting seedlings . It is best to fill the pits with decomposed organic manure and if so, at least apply it to the surface soils with grass around the pits.It is important to make sure that the seedlings are not damaged by the banana stalks.. Alay…
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Transporting by Freezer containers.

it is very difficult to transport fruit products via sea. particularly during maritime transport, we  need to store bananas in large refrigeration containers. freezer containers are transporting Pallets of packaged bananas  from sea to land. we  load into ‘forced-ripening’ centers. The product sits in the temperature-controlled rooms for 5–7 days at a time. we should…
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